Chart of us wages by sex age and race in Colorado

Includes all the typical jobs that appear across industries: secretaries, clerks, janitors, watchmen, etc. Dept of Health, Education and Welfare Bulletin There were k White Hispanic and k Black or African American Non-Hispanic residents, the second and third most common ethnic groups.

The Census Bureau reports earnings on either a per-hour or a per-week basis.

Inthe most common method of travel for workers in Colorado was Drove Alone Between andthe percent of uninsured citizens in Colorado declined by 0. Electricity - Average monthly bill by city, Table compares average bills to those of Roofers' pay - see Building Trades.

See Poverty in the United States. Household Inequality Personal Poverty. Data is listed by industry and broken out by sex, but not by occupation.

Действительно. согласен chart of us wages by sex age and race in Colorado

Inthe percentage of foreign-born citizens in Colorado was 9. This represents a 0. Even at the top one percent, Asian workers make roughly double what Hispanic or Latino or Black top one percent workers make. The most common racial or ethnic group living below the poverty line in Colorado is White, followed by Hispanic and Other.

The economy of Colorado employs 2.

Demographic history. The library has additional data from in print format not yet scanned. Access and Quality Data only available at state level.

Chart of us wages by sex age and race in Colorado

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