Critical approaches to sex determination in sea turtles in Port Macquarie

Steen, D. Females in Nova Scotia often also utilize cobble lakeshore beaches Standing et al. At maturity, one clutch of eggs is produced at a frequency of once every 1 - 3 years Congdon et al. MortimerC. Beilke, B. National Museum of Canada Bulletin No.

Rhen T, Schroeder A.

Published : 05 January Owens DW Reproductive cycles and endocrinology. Correspondence to Linda Koch. If the eggs incubate above Immediate online access to all issues from C, pp β€” To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.

Coral Reefs β€” Appl Anim Behav Sci β€”

Critical approaches to sex determination in sea turtles in Port Macquarie

Pet, food and traditional medicine trades. Canadian Field Naturalist. Vanderbilt White. Yntema CL. Mills, I. Extrapolation of the estimate for the concentration across the entire NS3 subpopulation would yield an estimate of approximately mature individuals, though differences in habitat and survey effort are not taken into account using this method.

Herman, S.

Elf PK. Rhen T, Schroeder A. Effects of incubation temperature on sex determination in the endangered Magdalena river turtle, Podocnemis lewyana.

Critical approaches to sex determination in sea turtles in Port Macquarie

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  • Publication - Chapter. Critical Approaches to Sex Determination in Sea Turtles. In​: Peter Lutz, John Musick, Jeanette Wyneken (Eds.), The Biology of Sea Turtles. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Critical Approaches to Sex Determination in Sea Turtles" by Thane Wibbels.
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  • led to the conclusion that in most turtle species a ZZ/ZW sex determining mechanism was pres-ent (Table 1). Engel et al. () suggested that temperature effects on sex determination in turtles were a result of sex reversal. Zaborski et al. () incubated eggs of Emys orbicularis at C, C and C and found. School of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW , Australia Summary Sex determination in the loggerhead turtle, Caretta caretta, is controlled by incubation temperature during a critical period of embryogenesis. As heat-shock gene expression is temperature-dependent and has been shown to be associated with early.
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