Difference between sex and making love yahoo answers in Arlington

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difference between sex and making love yahoo answers in Arlington

Are they different to you? Um, armpit fetish boob fetish, butts, breasts, legs, bdsm I think making love is having more emotion and passion involved into the act of having sex. Making love is when it feels very pleasurable to slowly thrust into your partner and hold them and kiss them to ultimatley bring yourself to ejaculation and having sex is when you must frantically thrust hard and fast in order to create enough friction to make up for the non-existent romantic spark.

Having sex is an act you can do with a stranger and its a physical act of relief but making love is an emotional act as well as physical pleasure and can only be done with someone you have positive feelings for. Sarah - what about if you were doing the using?

Эта отличная difference between sex and making love yahoo answers in Arlington

Usually it's very raw and animalistic. Sex: Emotionless or one sided perhaps Making love: Feelings of love and strong emotion not just for physical pleasure. Sex is sex without love. If you hardly know them Or you just started dating.

Example: You would make love with your husband because you two love each other.

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Difference between sex and making love yahoo answers in Arlington

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  • Jul 11,  · having sex is when your horny and you need to get banged. it might be a bit rougher and done in odd places. making love is passionate. you're looking into the other person's eye more, you're. Sep 07,  · Sex is quick and meaningless while making love is passionate and last longer usually ending in cuddling. If you love someone it is far more intimate. Sex: Just to have sex.
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  • Dec 02,  · The difference is in the eye of the beholder but in this respect I have a tendency to think of making love as: when one is gentle, loving, patient, caring, considerate, kind and soft and cuddly. Just having sex as: "just fu*king" and just for the sake of mutual or self orgasm. Dec 04,  · Having sex, there's no emotional involvement. Making love, there is. Sex can be performed with anyone, With love, that person has to be someone special. Sex is Lust. Making love involves Love. Even though having sex and making love to many are the same, You'll know the differences when you meet someone special.
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