Explaining sex differences in social behavior in Hastings

These sex differences support a role for the sex hormones in aggression. In ovariectomized mice, chronic and acute replacement with estradiol benzoate 48 h prior to social learning prolonged the expression of a socially-acquired food preference Clipperton-Allen et al. Hunter-gatherers and human evolution.

OT and the OTR are under estrogenic control, with both brain and plasma OT levels and brain OTRs fluctuating with the estrous cycle, dropping after ovariectomy, and increasing in response to estradiol benzoate administration Bale et al. One area that remains relatively unexplored in the literature, and is of special concern when considering gender differences, is the possible role that sex hormones e.

Psychological Bulletin.

explaining sex differences in social behavior in Hastings

The Mating Mind. Women also reported more intense feelings of anger in relation to terrifying situations, especially situations involving a male protagonist. Retrieved 28 June For example, they found females performed better on verbal abilities while males performed better on visuospatial abilities.

One explanation is that men tend to externalize stress while women tend to internalize it.

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By ages 3 and 4 years, females tend to outperform males at tasks that require inhibitory control and theory of mind Carlson and Moses Differential effects of dopamine receptor D1-type and D2-type antagonists and phase of the estrous cycle on social learning of food preferences, feeding, and social interactions in mice.

In this response, we begin by providing important theoretical background regarding shyness and its related constructs.

  • Sex differences in psychology are differences in the mental functions and behaviors of the sexes, and are due to a complex interplay of biological , developmental , and cultural factors. Differences have been found in a variety of fields such as mental health , cognitive abilities , personality , emotion , sexuality , [1] [2] and tendency towards aggression.
  • Just one of the excellent biological theories out there to see! As is obvious from the name, the biological approach focuses its efforts on explaining what biological differences between men and women result in their differing behaviours.
  • What are the causes of sex differences and similarities in behavior? Some causes can be traced to human evolutionary history, especially the ways that the division of labor is influenced by biology and environments.
  • Social and cultural norms can significantly influence both the expression of gender identity , and the nature of the interactions between genders.
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The potential of displaying relatively high frequencies of both aggressive and withdrawn behaviors may place boys at increased risk for negative social interactions. Systematic meta-review and quality assessment of the structural brain alterations in schizophrenia.

Journal of Personality. For example, some individuals may lack a strong motivation to engage others in interaction whilst, at the same time, would not avoid interaction if approached by others. Corresponding author.

Explaining sex differences in social behavior in Hastings

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