Haunted houses used as sex chamber in McAllen

I just died! Corsicana — the old Navarro Regional Hospital — The building is now torn down, but it is said that the area is extremely haunted because of the many lives that were lost there. Austin — Richard Moya Park — There is an old bridge by the park that people say is haunted by ghosts.

haunted houses used as sex chamber in McAllen

I don't think our group would have survived had this been a real torture scenario. Admittedly, I do not scare easily. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Latest Shopping News. Looking to have some fun this weekend?

Haunted houses used as sex chamber in McAllen

McKamey, who said he served in the Navy for 23 years and moonlights as a wedding singer, started the manor 30 years ago as a cross between his theatrical background and his love for haunted houses. Monica Bharel. Raiders said:. Towery claims participants have been waterboarded, "forced to eat things" and have had duct tape wrapped around their heads.

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Conroe — Huntsman Chemical Plant — Witnesses have heard doors slamming and opening, voices, and apparition of a tall pale man, and also footsteps. People from all 50 states — and others from as far away as Europe and Kuwait — have traveled to experience McKamey Manor, which came to Summertown after spending more than a decade in San Diego.

In another room a specter plays with the visitors belongings. Those who have extra work and stay later after hours tend to hear the fax machine turn on and off. People have reported opening and shutting of doors. Carter Sherman.

Haunted houses used as sex chamber in McAllen

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