Phila fire dept sex scandal in Mesa

One day, Blanks "unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and adjusted himself" in front of her, Jeter alleged in her lawsuit. Prominent professors and some singers also have lost jobs after allegations of abuse and harassment were found to be credible. Recommended on Daily News. Union: 7 to be disciplined in Fire Dept.

phila fire dept sex scandal in Mesa

At the time, he was under investigation for a separate matter, a source said. The documents obtained by The Inquirer, which deal specifically with the two battalion chiefs, do not recommend specific departmental charges, only that the chiefs be punished.

All rights reserved. Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer declined to comment through mayoral spokesman Mark McDonald, who said: "The fire commissioner is not commenting on any situation or incident that could involve disciplinary hearings. Union officials plan to file an unfair-labor-practice complaint this week over the withheld report, Schulle said.

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Illinois teen charged with killing 2 protesters, wounding another fights extradition to Wisconsin. Confidentiality contradicts Pennsylvania law Even so, any secrecy violates state law, one attorney said. Local Breaking news and the stories that matter to your neighborhood.

Union: 7 to be disciplined in Fire Dept. We have in some instances updated policies and provided additional training as part of settlement agreements. Quick clip of the Camden 2nd Alarm. The case was then referred to the Office of the Inspector General.

At that point the Inspector General's Office took over. But it is fair to say that if the commissioner and his team discerned a need for increased training, new policies or some other action, stemming from one or more incidents or related situations that ended up in a disciplinary hearing, he would consider his options once that hearing process had run its course.

Mayor Michael Nutter addressed the allegations Thursday night, described them as "significant" and "very complicated," but he declined to elaborate further.

Phila fire dept sex scandal in Mesa

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