Reconstructing sex chromosome evolution of humans in Independence

Alternatively, in a sex-determination system in which the effect of the sex-determining gene is associated with decreased expression in the heterogametic sex e. The temporal dynamics of processes underlying y chromosome degeneration. Developmental systems drift and the drivers of sex chromosome evolution.

Box 2 The Drosophila melanogaster Y chromosome.

However, the diversity of sex chromosomes reveals a remarkable number of exceptions and therefore a parallel diversity of underlying mechanisms. Between C. Supplementary Dataset 2. For example, hypermethylation of promoter regions is associated with a transcriptionally repressed state. Y-chromosome evolution: emerging insights into processes of Y-chromosome degeneration.

References 1. Future work using a comparative approach will shed more light on sex chromosome evolution and sex determination in nematodes and give us a unique opportunity to observe the evolution of sex chromosomes and the diversity of sex determination systems.

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Sex chromosome specialization and degeneration in mammals. Google Scholar. Forkhead transcription factors in ovarian function. Due to recombination, beneficial alleles can fix on the X chromosome without dragging along linked deleterious mutations.

We conclude that functional specificity and reduced expression are associated with relaxed purifying selection, suggesting that subfunctionalization of duplicated paralogs could result in differential tissue expression 343545474849 and accelerated protein divergence.

Genome Biology and Evolution.

Y haplogroup diversity of the Dominican Republic: reconstructing the effect of the European colonisation and the trans-Atlantic slave trades. R Core Team Evolution 64 3 : — Heredity 4 : —

Reconstructing sex chromosome evolution of humans in Independence

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